Yourname .Inc

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine who has a child with serious mental health needs. We were talking about the list of people that you have in your team that help you. By team, I don’t mean your spouse (though maybe he/she/they are very helpful), but I was actually thinking of the … Continue reading Yourname .Inc

Recession Planning Woes

Is the up-coming recession an item in your worry-journal? I’ve been thinking about and reading about things to do to secure ourselves from the economic shocks that (may be) on the horizon. Of course, everyone in the U.S. is talking about the inverted yield-curve, but don’t forget, even though the British public is taking vacation from … Continue reading Recession Planning Woes

Wage Gap Crap

Are you being paid less than your male colleagues? I am. Does this matter for your financial well being? Absolutely. Last week something happened to me that is both amazing given our current financially tight situation and the home buying process but also annoying. In the place that I used to work, it turns out … Continue reading Wage Gap Crap

Emotional Buyer

My significant other and I had an argument this morning and I’ve been sulking in one part of the house with him in another, and I’ve been perusing online retail for help with my feelings. I finally made a number of purchases on Amazon, for almost 100 pounds, even though we are in a non-buying … Continue reading Emotional Buyer

Town n’ City?

The town that I currently live in just rebranded itself a city. People are outraged. I am not, but I thought that I would use the controversy to talk about cities, towns, and the countryside, and our new fan-dangled march towards home ownership in the town or city that we live in. I grew up … Continue reading Town n’ City?