The housing search in London town

4 thoughts on “The housing search in London town”

  1. It all depends really what you both value most – I think London prices might be coming down, so you could be in luck and pick up a bargain.

    And some parts of London are much cheaper than others and have better commutes although they are the same length.


    1. So I still need to get out to the burbs (where I work) and my spouse works in East London, so we are def keeping east. The question is, how far east and maybe, how far north east? I don’t want a 30 min train + 1 hour train + 30 min bus commute one way. That being said, I’m also not sure about moving to Stratford.

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      1. There are a lot more places to live in East London than Stratford – that said, what particularly makes you not want to move there? Is it the modern flats? The sheer number of people? The urban feel? The rough bits round the edges? The hipsters? The overpricedness?

        Would you consider moving near where you work?


  2. We live close to where I work now and he commutes. I guess the logic is that my work is much more flexible (I can work at home a few days a week and even less out of term) whereas he needs to be in the office every day. So he is much more likely to be affected by train delays and also the costs for the train is quite expensive (almost 500 pounds a month). We went to look in Clapton – I think I’m looking for some combination of hipster + community + green, but also not too expensive.


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