Retirement planning when you’re global

3 thoughts on “Retirement planning when you’re global”

  1. That does make this a bit trickier, though I think most of us in the US at least are treating social security as later in life “gravy” but not set in stone income because there’s no saying what it will look like in the future. The big one is probably figuring out if health care costs will ever factor into your retirement costs.


    1. If we stay here (in the UK) and they don’t privatise the health system (which they might), one pays for the NHS out of income tax contribtions and not additionally. So, for example, while my salary is lower here, we also don’t pay 670 euros post tax a month in health insurance like we did in Germany, and there is no co-pay. Anything extra though (like I get a massage for tension headaches) is not covered, so its a good question. I have no idea how to factor in health care costs moving forward.

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